A PEB can accommodate a variety of traditional and new age accessories, like Turbine ventilators, sky Lights, Roof monitors, Ridge ventilators, Windows, Louvers, Doors, Insulation material etc.

Renewables are the future:

Using Solar Panel Energy

Delta has partnered with

Rovano Green Power

For more info: www.ravanogp.in


Delta Steel Structures has partnered with Rovano Green Power to provide you with tailor made solutions and installations of technologically advanced photovoltaic plants and photovoltaic fields for your industrial, commercial and farm roofs.

Realizing a photovoltaic plant is a guaranteed good investment and a significant sustainable step for the future. We provide you with custom solutions that can be professionally installed.

Giovanni Rovano who has more than fifteen years of experience in renewable energy founded Rovano Green Power in 2006. Rovano’s mission is to develop, realize and manage plants by taking advantage of the energy from the sun, wind, water and biogas


A long-term investment is safe if the expected cash flows are fulfilled and profitable, which is why it is important to trust a company like Rovano Green Power who knows all aspects of the operation.

As qualified EPC contractors, Rovano supplies ‘Turnkey’ photovoltaic plants which will satisfy the economic and financial expectations of the customers: Rovano applies only the most advanced technology, in order to maximize the performances of the plant over time. Rovano is recognized by leading banks and has the necessary skill to obtain financing.