All over the world, pre engineered building system or PEB system is becoming an eminent segment in pre engineered construction industry. It has become possible because pre engineered building system encompasses all the characteristics that are compatible to modern demands viz. speed, quality and value for money. Pre engineered buildings find many pre engineered construction applications, which could be intrinsic and high-end.

In India, Pre-engineered building systems find application primarily in the construction of Warehouses, & Industrial sheds & Buildings. The recent focus has also shifted to cover rural as well as urban, individual and mass housing projects, farm houses, slum re-organization projects and rehabilitation projects, amenity structures like health centers, kiosks, primary schools, etc. The pharmaceutical industries and exhibition centers, and functional requirements like offices, seminar halls, call centers, supermarkets, showrooms etc. have also attracted PEB. Earthquake-resistant buildings are the recent applications of PEB with wide and immediate acceptance.

PEB concept has acted as a catalyst in the infrastructure development of the country. Single storied houses for living take minimum time for construction and can be built in any type of geographic location like extreme cold hilly areas, high rain prone areas, plain land, extreme hot climatic zones etc.

The steel structures (SS) market in India is in excess of 4.5 Mn.MT, growing at a rapid pace of more than 10% p.a. over the past few years. This market has experienced a higher growth compared to both Indian steel industry as well as Indian construction GDP. Overall construction sector accounts for majority (greater than 80%) off

PEB construction is 30 to 40% faster than masonry construction. PEB buildings provide good insulation effect and would be highly suitable for a tropical country like India. PEB is ideal for construction in remote & hilly areas. A recent survey by the Metal Building Associations (MBMA) shows that about 60% of the nonresidential low rises building in USA are pre engineered buildings.

Almost every conceivable building use has been achieved with PEB; the most common applications are industrial, Institutional and Commercial.

Applications of Pre Engineered Steel Buildings Include 

  • Houses & Living Shelters
  • Factories
  • Warehouses
  • Sport Halls (Indoor and Outdoor)
  • Aircraft Hangers
  • Supermarkets
  • Workshops
  • Office Buildings
  • Labor Camps
  • Petrol Pumps/Service Buildings
  • Schools
  • Community center
  • Railway Stations
  • Equipment housing/shelters.